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11 December 2013:  The plot of a film noir of a half-century ago consisted of an unassuming man confessing to police his involvement in a number of murders in London while each remained unsolved. The murders took place over a period of a few months and were ostensibly performed at the hands of a serial killer. He purposely gave police incorrect information about the killer’s signature which was publicly withheld by the police, although he learned of this critical bit of information through an obscure contact he had in the department.
Soon, the police tired of his confessions and treated him as a serial confessor, rather than the murderer that he was. When an innocent man was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death, the real actor wanted to do the right thing to spare the innocent man, but no one believed him, including the police. Could this pattern of behavior apply to Bill Ayers with regard to his sarcastic admissions of authorship of 'Barack Obama’s highly acclaimed ‘Magnum opus’Dreams From My Father? A recent private admission in an e-mail sent by Ayers suggests so. By Douglas J. Hagmann Full Arrticle @ Homeland Security US
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