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$TOP Funding Military & Nuclear Industrial Complex = NO BOMB$

Put your belief $Y$TEM$ aside, at least for the length of this interview, conducted by; Pastor Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Friday June 27th 2014. Then upon reflection of the past and present administration fraud, realize this $HIT is not $o complex in the long run - pardon my CRA$$NE$$, but no-one likes long runny $HIT. You won't hear any punches pulled or B$ in what is likely the most important revelation you'll hear this year of biblical proportions {Bibles not included!

Jim Willie fires both barrels on today's program regarding the implosion of the Western banking system, the disappearance of large quantities of gold bars, a possible Chinese foreclosure of the U.S. Fed, the Saudi plan to end the U.S. Petro Dollar, and the Chinese-Russian timetable to unveil a gold-backed currency. Did someone $ay; BRICS?!

Now go back to whatever religion you follow or not, for the time is nigh no matter what you believe in!! C+

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