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EBAY SCAM BUYER BEWARE: Ebay Allows Amazon Products Up Sold on ebay;

Yes you read right, Ebay & PayPal, now one in the same owners - do in fact allow,ebay members who have accounts in so called good standing - under the guise of drop shipping... to copy and paste Amazon products {among others, for sale at higher the 1000's, this can be easily verified by doing random comparisons of thousads - YE$ thousands of products being rehashed on #ebay from #amazon, along with many other discount stores online^ some individuals have literally thousands of products listed themselves with the help of software to reload items from A to ebay... 9 out of 10 times you will find products cheaper than anything on ebay^ new or used!

Now what's wrong with this? {you might ask} well in all fairness, drop shipping has been around as long as there's been suppliers making a large % of goods MADE IN CHINA etc... or distributors of any given product is promoted by an individual person or company charging, as much as 70% sometimes more or less wholesale markup or up sale, taking orders and purchasing from the supplier {in this example; Amazon to ship products to customers on your behalf eliminating the need to have or stock any product yourself, using amazon as the warehouse... choosing the gift option to disguise price, and appearing it was shipped by you - while many seem to be doing this successfully, ebay is being revealed on it's own terms of so called service!

Does Amazon allow this? Apparently, along with ebay {While both have strict TOS agreements, it seems that ebay is selective on who they allow to do this practice - despite those who have long standing accounts, as a recent close friend of mine found out the hard way, after months of research, and weeks of prep to try and use this business model - making sure all the I's were dotted & T's were crossed... ebay hypocrites suspended her account of good long standing near 10 years, making her create a new account, for security reasons?  Then she tried to list just 5 Amazon products perfectly, then made a ph. inquiry {on hold 45 mins} she asked why ebay froze her account??

They proceeded to close her account indefinitely... also for claims of security reasons, and protecting ebay members? Ebay Said; "it's time for ebay and you to part ways" End quote - without recourse or further explanation! $o if you have hopes of doing this questionable practice exclusively using ebay... GLWT^

Here's one video CLICK HERE promoting this discriminating ebay method, giving false hope, revealing not only themselves, but the power ebay U$ER {bid304; who ebay allows to promote in a BIG WAY U$ING
 Amazon!  I'll say again... BUYER BEWARE - if you find something on ebay, go get it cheaper @ Amazon;  Click here to compare or go elsewhere^

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