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Drone footage of Ukrainian oil depot blaze shows scale of disaster (VIDEO)

by NewsBot
Published time: June 10, 2015 14:10
Screenshot from RT video
A bird’s eye view on a massive fire raging at an oil depot near Ukrainian capital Kiev provides a truly apocalyptic picture.
The video shows numerous oil tanks on fire and vast plumes of thick black smoke – hundreds of meters in height – rising into the air.
The disaster at the BRSM-Nafta facility started on Monday night. On Tuesday, the fire spread across the site and caused massive explosions, killing four people and injuring a dozen.
Fire brigades and National Guard soldiers continued fighting the blaze on Wednesday. According to the latest information, five fuel tanks are still on fire.
The blaze raised huge ecology concerns as a large amount of toxic substances were released into the air.
The Interior Ministry believes that safety violations were the likely cause for the blaze as counterfeit petroleum products were produced at the facility, TASS reported.
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